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Baluchistan: Pakistani military attacks in Awaran continue on second day, more than 30 people abduct

AWARAN: Pakistani forces have abducted and disappeared four more people from district Awaran Baluchistan on Wednesday during second consecutive day military attacks in the region.

Local sources reported that Pakistani forces have arrested and disappeared 30 people in past two days from several areas of Awaran including Pirandar, Hassan Goth, Nadkaor, Dhal Baidi, Kach, Zeyarat Dann and Zoomdan.

According to the Humgaam News 21 victims have been identified as Wazir son of Mohim Khan, Akbar son of Ghulam Hussain, Miran son of Shafi Mohammad, Hashim son of Nawab, Abid son of Zarain, Nazeer son of Bakhtiyar, Imam Bakhsh son of Kar Jan, Taj Mohammad son of Assa, Azim son of Taj Mohammad, Tariq son of Maula Bakhsh, Shoaib son of Maula Bakhsh, Zafar son of Wahid Bakhsh, Munir son of Jameel, Arif son of Gul Mohammad, Sudair son Doda, Mohim son of Sher Mohammad, Munir son of Qadir Bakhsh, Dogo son of Rashid, Azim son of Gul Mohammad, Ghulam son of Mohammad Karim and Bahar Khan son of Ghuda Bakhs.

The names of other nine people could not be confirmed immediately, sources reported that the operation and military attacks were still continuing and there has been an unexpected increase in the number military patrols in the area.

Two gunship helicopters have also reportedly arrived in Awaran military camp.

Meanwhile Pakistani forces abducted another three men from New Kahan Quetta and Tump areas of Balochistan on Tuesday.

The victims have been named as Mohammad Ali Marri and Shambo son of Mohammad Ali Marri residents of News Kahan Quetta.

The father and son were abducted from their general store shop in Hazar Ganji along with another Marri Baloch named Sher Khan son of Bahar Khan, however, Sher Khan was later released.

In another similar incident Pakistani forces abducted a man named Ibrahim son of Nosherwan Gichki from Tump Bazar in Baluchistan.


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