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Balochistan Will Form Govt in Exile: Suleman Daud, Khan of Kalat

Amir Ahmed Suleman Daud, the 35th Khan of Kalat, asserts that the the formation of a ‘government in exile’ is imminent.

Currently Daud lives in Cardiff, Wales (UK) in exile. He says the his great grandfather, Miro Amir, had established the territory of Balochistan in the 14th century, ages before the formation of Pakistan.

"Balochistan is a nation in itself and includes many tribal regions within it. If God wills, the Baloch people will come together and form a government in exile

Amir Ahmed Suleman Daud, Khan of Kalat, Exiled Balochistan Leader

He says that Pakistan lost control over various territories and its frustration can be seen in the aggressive methods which the government is following in the provinces.

"The world now knows that Pakistan is a breeding ground for terrorism

When asked about the Chinese incursions into Balochistan for CPEC, he says that China’s presence in the region will help highlight the Baloch issues. CPEC crosses through disputed territories, starting from Xinjiang it stretches through Afghanistan, Kashmir and then through Balochistan. It will be in their favour if China makes a move into their territory.

He further states that with support form other nations they might be able to achieve freedom for Balochistan.

Source: The quint

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