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Balochistan: Pakistani forces disappeared more than 60 people to clear CPEC route

QUETTA: Pakistani security forces have intensified their offensive against Baloch resident living on CPEC route abducting more than 80 people in two weeks from Dasht area of district Kech.

According Human Right organizations and media reports from Balochistan Pakistani forces increased their attack against people of Balochistan, especially in the coastal belt, where the China and Pakistan are trying to make the Gwadar port functional and work is underway on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

At least 64 Baloch civilians have been arrested and disappeared whose whereabouts remain unknown whereas several houses of innocent Baloch villagers and resident on CPEC root have been set on fire.

Local people of district Kech says that many people have been forces to fled from their houses due routine indiscriminate ground and air strikes.

Most of the attacks and offensives have been conducted in several small villages of Dasht region in district Kech Balochistan. Dasht is located from about 50km from the port city of Gwadar and about 80 km from the main city of Turbat Balochistan. The area has been the main target of Pakistani forces because of Gwadar port and the CPEC.

Pakistan has been abducting and killing innocent Baloch from all over Balochistan especially the coastal belt of Makuran to appease its Chinese partner in crime.

The details of military operations, abducted people, and losses in Dasht in last 18 days have been released by a local Human Rights Organisation as following:

November 1st, 2016: 35 military vehicles accompanied by 5 gunship helicopters started massive military offensives in Kombel, Dasht. The Pakistani forces carried out a door-to-door search and terrorized human and children.

Later they expanded the scoop of their attacks to Hasadig, Dasht, where gunship helicopters ponded the areas killing hundreds of livestock. At the same time ground forces conducted a house-to-house search and looted the valuable belongings of residents before setting their houses to fire.

November 8, 2016: Early morning forces raided Machi village in Dasht and abducted 7 people. Six people were released the next day while one of them, Sabir son of Jami, has not been release. His whereabouts remain unknown.

The following evening Pakistani forces attacked Pittok region of Dasht and abducted three men who were released after four days of torture and illegal detention.

November 10, 2016: Pakistani Forces raided Gwahrag Gar area of Dasht and abducted one man named Niyaz s/o Mohammad Hayat.

The following evening the occupying state forces surrounded Jan Mohammad Bazar in Dasht and abducted five people. Who have been named as Nisar son Shahdad, Rashid son of Ibrahim, Obaid son of Abdul Samad, Siraj son of Hasil, Obaid son of Shay Mohammad.

However, after two days the rest of them were released except Sija son of Hasil who is still being detained by Pakistani force at some undisclosed location.

November 11, 2016: Pakistani forces abducted a father and son named as Abdul Majeed son of Kutub and Muslim son of Abdul Majeed during an attack on Jath Bazar in Dasht Balochistan.

November 13, 2016: Two brothers named as Doda son of Murad Mohammad and Shoaib son of Murad Mohammad were abducted from Bahot Chaat are of Dasht.

Another eight people have been abducted from Drachko are of Dasht on the same day. The victims have been identified as Khalid son of Lal Bakhsh, Arif son Washdil, Nasir son of Nizar Mohammad, Shabir son of Swali, Shoaib son of Gazzi, Saeed son of Gazzi, Ijaz son of Jami and Waheed son of Kamal.

November 14, 2016: In the early morning, Pakistani forces attacked Gwahrag Hussain Bazar in Dasht and abducted one person named as Zahid son of Rahmat.

Separately, the Pakistani forces abducted another five people from Bal Nigwar area of Dasht on the same day. The abducted men have been named as Chakar son of Phullan, Doshambay son of Bahadur, Sameer son of Abdul Hameed and Hameed son of Ibrahim.

November 18, 2016: Pakistani forces carried out another offensive in Mullai Nigwar, Chateeg Bazar, Haji Karam Shah Bazar, and Phullan Bazar villages of Dasht, District Kech. They abducted five people including 70-year-old Haji Karam Shah along with his three sons. The victims of enforced-disappearance have been named as Naseem son of Karim Bakhsh, Karam Shah son of Panch Shambay, Abdul Karim son of Karam Shah, Ayub son of Karam Shah, Mohammad son of Karam Shah.

Later the aged man Karam Shah and his son Ayub were released but the rest of them are still being detained by Pakistani forces.

During another attack on the same day Pakistani forces surrounded Horr village of Dasht and abducted twenty people who have been named as Badal son of Sayaki, Waheed son of Sayaki, Habib son of Faqir, Iqbal son of Hussain, Naseer son of Jan Mohammad, Sameer son of Jan Mohammad, Hamza son of Shahdad, Elahi Bakhsh son of Murad Jan, Naseem son of Sakidad, Haleem son of Sakidad, Naseem son of Saleh Mohammad, Aziz son of Karim Bakhsh, Salman son of Rasheed, Shareef son of Dil Murad, Niaz son of Ibrahim, Basit son of Ibrahim, Riaz son of Dad Mohammad, Fazal son of Dad Mohammad, Nadeem son of Abdul Karim, Majeed son of Khuda Dad, Waheed son of Ibrahim, Sattar son of Abdul Rehman, Hamid son of Saleem, Sharif son of Faqir, Lal Jan son of Ahmed and Akram son of Dost Mohammad.

During this attack, Pakistan force looted five cars, six motorcycles and one tractor of the poor residents.

Also, on 18 November Pakistan forces raided Kaheerin Dasht and abducted Abdul Karim son of Ghulam Qadir. He is a resident of Kuroos Tank region of Dasht.

Yet in another attack on the night of November 18, 2016, Pakistani forces attacked Jan Mohammad Bazar, Dasht and abducted 10 people including three brothers. The victims have been named as Noor Mohammad son of Iqbal, Abdul Hai son of Iqbal, Fahad son of Iqbal, Yaqoob son of Shah Murad, Liaquat son of Shahdad, Zahid son of Ibrahim, Rashid son of Ibrahim, Sanaullah son of Syed Mohammad, Shaho son of Syed Mohammad and Jabir son of Rasheed.

Despite all the attack by Pakistani forces and blatant Human Rights violation the Pakistani media remain dead silent on such state sponsored crimes. The International media and Human Rights groups are not allowed in Balochistan to observe the state atrocities against Baloch people.

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