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Militarization of Ideology: Iran un-masked

Following the recent successive Iranian statements without exceeding the promoted cursory crust to the real core, one would get the impression that Tehran was seeking to reconcile with its Arab neighbors and reach out to them while the Arabs ignore the Iranian calls for reconciliation and seek to escalate conflicts with Tehran. Aside from the seriousness of such calls, Dr. Mohammed Alsulami, the director of Arabian Gulf Centre for Iranian Studies AGCIS, wonders “with whom in Iran should the countries of the region engage? The official government or the hidden one, and by the hidden one I mean the Revolutionary Guard led by Ali Khamenei?”

The motive behind these statements is to “convey a message to the world, especially the Western countries, that Tehran is seeking dialogue and reconciliation, not confrontation with its Arab neighbors, but those neighbors refuse the Iranian calls and insist on the continuation of tension and conflict in the region. Thus, Iran seeks to throw the ball into the court of its Arab adversaries,” Dr. Alsulami, said. However, this needs to be rebutted and revealed to those who fell for this Iranian diplomatic dodge so that the ball would return to Tehran’s court, blocking their propaganda.

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