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ANALYSIS: EU aid to Iran - why won’t Europe learn?

Europe still wants to make deals, even though the Obama administration was a striking example of recent erroneous deals. (Shutterstock)

As always is the case with European leaders, appeasement comes at a high price for others, usually ending in the mass death of innocent people, from nations that have been sacrificed to ensure peace remains in Europe, and that future trade deals won’t suffer, as profits always come above the loss of human life. The most highlighted example of appeasement, was that conceived by the UK’s Conservative Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, which came about just before the start of World War II, when within days of signing an ill-conceived peace deal made with the German dictator Adolf Hitler, Chamberlain’s olive branch was swallowed up by the winds of war. When Chamberlain stepped off a plane at Heston Aerodrome on 30 September 1938, he made the naïve claim that Hitler was a man the world could deal with, much in the same way that Obama later did with Rouhani. As the world’s press photographed Chamberlain at Heston, clutching a scrap of paper, which he triumphantly announced would bring “peace for our time”, he later added assurance from the upstairs balcony of his official residence No 10 Downing Street, where he told a jubilant crowd below him, who were singing: “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow”, “I recommend you to go home and sleep quietly in your beds”. But Adolf Hitler already had in place plans for setting of World War II, so rather than sleeping quietly in their beds, a rude awakening came for the British people in March 1939, when Hitler’s troops marched into Czechoslovakia. Then after taking over Czechoslovakia, on 1 September 1939, the Nazi hordes marched into Poland, forcing Chamberlain to call for a declaration of war, and within months, Chamberlain was forced to resign. The Munich Agreement was cobbled together in a last-ditch attempt to squirm out of war with Germany, and within this sickening covenant of appeasement, without any thought for international law, it was stated within its lines, how Hitler would be offered a slice of Czechoslovakia - known as the Sudetenland - as long he agreed not to invade the rest of country. But as far as Hitler was concerned, he had no intention of sticking to his end of the deal, and once the Sudetenland was safely in his hands, he invaded Poland, and set off the deadliest conflict in world history, ending in the deaths of over 70 million people. So, when European leaders decide upon doing deals with deadly dictatorships, like today’s mullahcracy in Iran, it should remember that oft-repeated quote: “Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it”!

Not to be trusted

The Iranian regime has proven since the founding of its Islamic Republic, it is an administration not to be trusted, as too are its allies, which come in the form of Bashar al-Assad, and Iran’s infamous terror proxy Hezbollah. With the Iranian people crying out for change, they have now come onto the streets in their thousands, and so as the momentum builds for another revolution, now is the time to aid them in their struggle, and rein in this brutal regime once and for all. Read more

Source: Al-Arabiya


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