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Iranian security forces shot dead two Baluch youth

The Iranian security forces have shot dead at least two Baluch youth in different cities of Iranian occupied Baluchistan (Western part of Baluchistan) on September 13 and 18.

According to details, Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) has shot dead a Baluch 17-year-old Baluch student on 18 September in Dilgan city of Baluchistan.

The victim of Iranian forces indiscriminate firing has been named as Ali Bamarri son of Essa (pictured above).

Earlier, on 13 September 2018, the Iranian forces have shot dead another Baluch resident of Zahag city of Zabol.

The victim was identified as Essa Jadid-ul-Islam who traded fuel to support his family including five children.

Closest sources of Essa told Balochwarna News that he took two gallons of gasoline to sell and use to money to buy ration for his children when the Iranian forces targeted him.

The Iranian state agents left the scene after murdering the poor Baloch man.

The body of the victim remained at the site of his murder for several hours.

The behaviour of Iranian officials has long been criticised by Baluch people, scholars and their national representatives.

In past few years, the Iranian security officials have directly shot and killed and wounded hundreds of innocent Baluch. The families’ complaints do not yield no positive result and the security officials seem to enjoy state immunity.

According to reports compiled by local human rights groups, at least 39 Baluch citizens were killed by direct shooting of armed forces last year alone.

Source: Balochwarna

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