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Historical Letter to President Trump From American Baluch Council's Chairman Dr. Hosseinbor

The Honorable Donald J. Trump


United States of America

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington, DC 20500

February 25, 2017

Dear Mr. President, the Honorable Donald J. Trump:

The American-Baluch Council has the honor to present its compliment to Your Excellency and your Administration and to express our full support for your noble mission to make America great again and to rid the world of the threat posed by the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan as the world’s main sponsors of Shi ‘ate and Sunni terrorism, respectively. The American-Baluch Council, a community-based non-profit organization, is dedicated to the promotion of democracy, rule-of-law, pluralism, and human rights, ideals and values championed by our founding fathers and enshrined in the US constitution.

Mr. President, Baluch aspiration for self-determination and a sovereign homeland it can call its own is longstanding. The Baluch nation lost its independence when their homeland Baluchistan, was militarily occupied and forcefully annexed by Iran in 1928 and by Pakistan in 1948. The Baluch dream is anchored in uniting the Western and Eastern Baluchistan (Iranian and Pakistani Baluch) into one sovereign state called Baluchistan that is governed by Baluch. Given its immense natural resources, its geostrategic location stretching from the Strait of Hormuz to Karachi, and its populations of around 35 million, an independent Baluchistan has all the potentials to become a secular democracy deserving the support of the United States and other freedom loving nations.

Mr. President, Baluch, like Kurds, see themselves as natural US allies fighting against the spread of Talibanization and radicalization of the Middle East and South-West Asia by Iran’s clerical dictatorship and Pakistan’s military-controlled state and their unholy anti-US alliance. Baluch fully support US sanctions against Iran and oppose the Iranian attempts to build a gas pipeline through Baluchistan to Pakistan. Baluch also support the US efforts in Afghanistan and are against the Pakistani and Iranian efforts to arm and finance Taliban, Haqqani Network and other Jihadi groups fighting against the US and the legitimate Afghan government. Baluch are also against the Chinese buildup of a naval base in Gwadar, a Baluch Port in Pakistani occupied Baluchistan, a strategic threat against the US interests in Asia. Iran is directly responsible for the ongoing devastation not only in Baluchistan but also in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Lebanon and against the US and its regional allies in the Persian Gulf. Similarly, Pakistan is conducting an ongoing military campaign not only against the Baluch, but also supports a proxy war against the US, Afghanistan, and India,

We as Baluch Mr. President have a vision for the Middle East. We see the potential for great prosperity in this crossroad of civilizations. But to accomplish our vision America must play its role as the sole superpower. For prosperity to reign, we must have peace in the region, and for that the prerequisites are clear: America must push for democracy in Iran and Pakistan. America must demand that human rights of ethnic and religious minorities in the region be respected, as well as the rights of the majority populations. Tolerance for ethnic and religious minorities must be upheld. In the case of Iran, as you know, non-dominant ethnic minorities are numerical majority. Only when these conditions have been met, will it be possible to realize peace and prosperity throughout the region.

Finally, the American-Baluch Council has the honor to present for your Administration’s consideration the following recommendations regarding the Iranian and Pakistani Baluchistan:

1- The U.S. should condemn in the strongest possible terms the grave human rights violations perpetrated by Iran and Pakistan against the Baluch.

2- The U.S. should set up daily broadcasts in Baluchi language through Voice of America.

3- The U.S. economic aid should be specifically earmarked for education and health projects in Pakistani Baluchistan.

4- The U.S. should support and strengthen Baluch-Afghan alliance to counter Pakistani and Iranian moves in Afghanistan.

5- The U.S. should support the Baluch demand for holding an internationally supervised referendum to exercise their right to self-determination.

6- The U.S. should support an independent Baluchistan as a buffer state to counter the Chinese designs in Baluchistan’s natural resources and to prevent the build-up of Chinese naval base in Gwadar port, which threatens the US interests in Afghanistan, Baluchistan, Strait of Hormuz, Arabian Sea and beyond.

7- Apply the Leahy Amendment without waivers to all Pakistani military units in Baluchistan.


Dr. M. Hosseinbor

American-Baluch Council

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